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Kena leads the educational programs at Ollin Farms, with twelve years of experience sharing her passions for farming, food, science, cooking, and the Spanish language through her fun and engaging on-farm classes. Her teaching philosophy is that kids learn best when they are physically active and in a safe environment, and this focus on interactive and fun learning permeates our curriculum for school field trips and youth summer classes. There is so much to learn from the natural ecosystems of the farm, join us on the journey of discovery.

Youth Summer Classes- 2020 class schedule will be announced in February

Field Trips/Tours at the Farm

Field trips and tours are available weekdays from April through October
All feild trips require advanced reservation

Field Trip Costs
$12 per person, minimum ten people

Typical field trip duration is 1-2 hours depending on group size, the pavillion area by the creek can be used for snack or lunch after the field trip.
To check availability for field trip dates, please email Kena (kena@ollinfarms.com)

Field trips will include a variety of hands-on activities that can be tailored to meet specific curriculum needs of teachers, parents, or groups.  Examples of educational topics include healthy heating, farm as ecosystem, cycles in a plant's life, photosynthesis, developing holistic strategies, water conservation, soil health, erosion, farm animals and their functions, etc..





Ollin Farms is a Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) certified education center by Boulder County Health


Below is a video put together for an Eyes on Longmont project back in 2013 highlighting the youth summer classes.  







Questions about Ollin Education Programs?
Email Kena Here









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